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How does this Work?

Fill out this form stating for what type of session you need coverage, and other details. We will talk about dates, times, weather, outfits, locations, and inspirations. Pinterest is a great tool to help communicate your ideas. 


All sessions and weddings require a 50% non-refundable booking deposit. Deposits are paid via PayPal, sent in an invoice format to your email address. If you do not have a PayPal, major credit cards may be used to pay a PayPal invoice. The remaining balance for wedding invoices is due 30 days before the wedding date. The remaining balance for all other invoices is due in-full by the end of session via PayPal, credit card, check, or cash.

Quantity of Images

This depends upon many variables such as: outfit count, number of ideas and people, shot lists, and length of session. After the session or event is finished, I sift through the images and remove the eye blinks and test shots, compare expressions, and ultimately filter-in only the best images.

Expect at least 50 images per hour. Images are cropped and color corrected. Retouching is available at $10 per image. Wedding clients can expect at least 100 images per hour.

Wedding Info

I am the photographer for your wedding. I will arrive early. I will stay late if the need arises. Without the need for an assistant, I do not use excessive equipment to bog me down or create difficult and time consuming lighting environments. I believe simple, unobtrusive coverage is the stress-free approach to a wedding. There’s already enough stress going on without having an entire photo crew with tons of gear.

Do you desire a certain style? Share your ideas with me and I will capture your wedding the way you want. Light and airy or moody and darker themed, these are filters that can be used after the fact and by my clients. I photograph everything in True Color, to most accurately represent the colors and lighting of each moment of your day. You’re more than welcome to apply filters after the fact to achieve the desired post-processed look. I am not stingy about clients having fun altering their photos!

A second photographer may be hired through my business for an additional $100 per hour. The advantages of a second photographer are to capture identical moments from different angles and be in two entirely different places at once. For example, I am at the end of the processional, opposite of the groom, photographing you walking down the aisle. Photographer #2 can be behind you capturing the back of your dress and the front of the church. Another example, the groom is getting ready at a separate location not nearby the bride and you want coverage of both getting ready.

Taking advantage of natural and ambient light, flash, using wide, telephoto, and artistic lenses all will enable me to create a variety of images giving the illusion of multiple photographers. I have perfect manners in the realm of weddings, abide by the rules of each ceremony, and pride myself on being a service to others throughout the day.

Have a friend or family member who would like to photograph your wedding, too? Please tell me, and I will work with them. I am strong about other vendors and guests obscuring important shots which could potentially ruin my job at a particular moment, and I will politely ask them to move if they’re kicking their feet into the aisle or have a bright yellow jacket hanging on the back of their chair while you’re walking down the aisle. I do my best to work with whatever comes my way and to ensure my clients are happy!

Check out my Resources page for wedding clients.

Production and Delivery

Following the sorting process, I adjust color, exposure, process and upload the session to Google Drive. Google Drive enables you to share your link with anyone who wants to view or download your session. You're able to download files individually, or as a zip file, to the Downloads folder of your computer. The images are best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. With the session length and number of images dictating turnaround time, please expect anywhere from one to four weeks after the session before receipt of your Google Drive link.


I offer both print freedom and the ability to make prints through a professional lab. The print freedom grants you the ability to make prints or albums as you wish and where you want. I recommend using the Midwest company mpix.com to order prints and albums. I advise against using one-hour print locations and retailers such as Walmart and Walgreens, due to quality concerns. Professional photo labs have a large price difference and I believe an image of significant value should be treated as artwork. Professional labs ensure color, sharpness, life of paper, vibrancy, and exposure of the images are the best quality. I recommend larger prints be made through a professional lab.


Retouching images is the final step to giving them that finished, magazine-style touch. Email me the image numbers, and within 72 hours, you will have a finished product. $10 an image to enhance tones, create more depth, remove acne, unwanted stray hairs, lint, broccoli in the teeth, etc... Please expect a 72 hour turnaround time for retouched images after submitting selections. Photo restorations are available and priced uniquely per project. 

Quantity of Outfits

We can comfortably fit two outfits into a single hour. The faster the change, the more outfits, but the more of a rush. It's a balance. Please bring a blanket, Tide stain stick, and/or comfy shoes if your session involves ideas of sitting, laying, or traversing the ground.

Professional Makeup and Hair Team

Some choose to have their hair and makeup done by professionals. Professional application of makeup translates better in photos than the average day-to-day application. Hair in the perfect place finishes off the look. Sephora, Mac, bareMinerals, and Ulta are locations where you may purchase a minimum product amount, usually around $50, and a sales associate will apply a full-face of makeup. Appointments usually aren't necessary, but I would avoid high traffic times like weekends and evenings. Most salons have makeup artists and I suggest checking with your hair salon for their options. The Mitsu Sato Hair Academy can provide hair cutting, coloring, styling, and full-face makeup application on a budget. Last but not least, an independent makeup artist and hair stylist combo is a great way to retain quality and creative control over your desired look. They are usually able to meet at your home, on the set location, or at their studio. I have a personal list of recommendations for professional makeup artists and hair stylists for all budgets. Most importantly, please give yourself an additional 30 minutes of hair and makeup time on top of what you've already planned. I find that this process seems to require the wiggle room.