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Tiffany Marie Buckley


International Floral Art Book 14/15, 16/17, 18/19

Leawood Lifestyle 15 + Cover, 16

Lee's Summit Lifestyle 15, 16 + Cover

Johnson County Lifestyle 15

Spaces 19

AYME 19 + Cover

Vintage KC 15, 16

KC Weddings 11, 12, 13

EA Bride 10, 11, 12, 12, 12, 12, 13

Jewish Life KC 11 + Cover

Nous 12

Gothic Noir 14

Alt Girls Edition #9

Local Fashion Link #3

About Me

Kansas City native, born to a poor family, I used art to cope with a tough childhood.

In foster care, hopping around four local high schools, I attended the fine-art portion of the George Caleb Bingham Academy of The Arts twice during summers. I graduated from Lee's Summit High School a semester early in ‘07 and either wanted to teach art or design video games. Shortly after high school, I fought my way out of foster care, juggled full-time work and college. I dropped out of college my first semester.

Between waitressing and tending lanes at a bowling alley, and cooking at a golf course, I decided to pick up a third job. Mike, with Freeland Photography, needed someone to do grunt work. I had energy to burn and cash to earn. I worked my way up from cleaning toilets and taking out the trash to creating proof books, sorting images, and retouching. The studio was the largest production wedding photography business in Kansas City. Several months later, I was practicing photography with his gear. He taught me the basics, but encouraged me to develop my own style.

By 2010, I was a full-time photographer, editor, and retoucher. I was 19 years old meeting with clients and creating itineraries. The studio photographed at least 50-70 weddings a year and, eventually, I was the one who touched all the photos. Sorting, color, light, retouching, and shooting either lead or second for most of them.

Weddings are my specialty. I hadn’t attended a wedding as a guest until I had photographed twenty or so. Weddings were sort of worked into my DNA at a young age and now they’re like speaking a second language. I am lucky for that opportunity to clean the studio back in the day and can vouch that grunt work can turn into a real opportunity.

I tried starting my photography business twice and I finally worked hard enough in June 2017 to make my dream come to life.

My 2019 goals include opening a brick and mortar location to expand my portfolio and saving to buy a house in 2020. I also plan to continue growing the nonprofit, Kansas City Babes, Inc. I founded KC Babes in 2017 to help the community of KC with my extra time and energy, to pay-it-forward! Nothing feeds my soul more than helping others. Please visit the kansascitybabes.com to check out some things we’ve done, and maybe you’ll be interested in tagging along!

Over 200 weddings and countless portraits photographed, my work has been internationally, nationally, and locally published in magazines, books, and online. Adobe and Canon are my main tools, but my ability to produce is thanks to my experience, mentors, and pure ambition.

I believe hard work is the answer to client satisfaction through creating impactful images, delivering a superior product, and offering a comfortable experience.

As you browse, please know that your memories will be captured simply and beautifully. 



Photos: Jason Domingues - Bonfire

Photos: Jason Domingues - Bonfire