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How to Get a Marriage License

When the marriage license is signed, usually immediately following the ceremony, only two witnesses will be needed to sign along with the ordained minister, or whomever is performing the ceremony. The witnesses are usually the folks who stand closest to you during the ceremony, ex: Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor. Ensure that the person officiating your ceremony will dress appropriately and arrive early. Keep a good line of communication with your officiant to offer peace of mind. I suggest asking your officiant to kindly step out of the way for a Unity Candle/Sand and for The First Kiss so there isn’t a person hovering in the back of these images, especially directly behind your smooch, eyes peering through between your faces.

It’s easy and free to become an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. Click HERE

In Missouri, The Recorder of Deeds Department issues marriage licenses. The marriage license costs around $50 and one location for Jackson County is the historic Truman Courthouse on the Independence Square. You’ll both need to be present and provide a legal form of ID: driver’s license, US passport, military ID, or Missouri ID. The ceremony must be performed in Missouri and the minister must follow the guidelines set forth to ensure a legal marriage. You have 30 days to perform the ceremony after the purchase of the license, and 15 days after the ceremony to return the license to the Recorder of Deeds.

If you’re planning on changing your last name, you’ll need to request a certified copy of your marriage license for $10.

Did you know that $28 of every purchase of a marriage license in Jackson County, MO is donated to a Homeless Fund, a Domestic Violence Fund, and Children’s Trust Fund?

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In Kansas, The District Court Clerk issues marriage licenses. The marriage license costs $85.50 and must be paid in cash only. Only one member must be present to apply for the license, but there is a 3 day waiting period before you are able to pick up the license. Either member may pick up the license. The ceremony must occur within 6 months of receiving the license and be returned to the Court for recording within 10 days after the ceremony. Certified copies of your marriage license may be requested for $1.25 per copy.

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